Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kent Presentation

Quick plug.

I’ve been invited to give a presentation to the Centre of Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems at the University of Kent next Wednesday (21st March, 2007). I’ll be presenting the results from my eye movement and film study that I discussed at SCMS and Madison but with the focus shifted to the science. If you happen to be a University of Kent student or in the neighbourhood you should com and check it out (details).

The following morning I’m giving a guest lecture as part of Murray Smith’s Cognition and Emotion in Film course. This sounds like a fantastic course. I wish there had been a similar course when I was an undergraduate. Murray Smith is a very active member of the cognitive film theory community and particularly the Society for Cognitive Studies of Moving-Images. His work on emotion and empathy in film viewing is very influential.

I’m looking forward ton bouncing ideas around with his students.


Brad Wyble said...

And a great talk it was Tim, thanks for coming down to the glorious southeast.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thanks a lot tim - very inspirational.
(Paul Taberham)