Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Poster on using low-cost eye trackers for film cognition experiments (SCSMI 2015, London)

The Society for the Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI) annual conference is about to kick off at Birkbeck. All our preparations are ready and we're really looking forward to hosting old and new colleagues for this exciting international event. Check out the programme for some very interesting events and if you want to pop along you can book a day ticket here: http://scsmi-online.org/conference/registration-information

Tomorrow evening, my student, Jono Batten and I will be presenting a poster and giving a demo of some recent low-cost ($140-$99) commercial eye trackers that have appeared on the market over the last year. Whilst intended as gaming peripherals and interface devices they offer researchers interested in getting into eye tracking but unable to afford the massive price tage of most science-grade systems a potential way in. We have tested and investigated these new low-cost eye trackers in considerable depth and in the poster we present a review of which trackers you should consider for particular experiments.

As I will likely be running around hosting the conference during the session I've also included the poster here.

Some of the links mentioned in the poster are here:

Eye Tracking Hardware
Eye Tracking Software