Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real|Reel article

Chloe Penman (@ideaswithlegs) has written a summary of a presentation I gave at Bristol Vision Institute back in January and posted it on the on-line journal, Real|Reel here.

Chloe does a better job at succinctly summarising some of the key aspects of my Attentional Theory of Cinematic Continuity (AToCC) than I think I could. She also uses some great video demonstrations of some of the key editing techniques (Match-Action, Jump Cuts, 180 Degree Rule) to elegantly expand her points.

If you are interested in reading about AToCC in more detail or related areas of film cognition please check out my recent publications:

  • Smith, T. J., Levin, D. T. & Cutting, J. (2012) A Window on Reality: Perceiving Edited Moving Images. Current Directions in Psychological Science.21: 101-106 doi:10.1177/0963721412436809 (print version) (preprint)
  • Smith, T. J. (2012) The Attentional Theory of Continuity Editing,Projections: The Journal for Movies and the Mind. 6(1)
  • Smith, T. J. (2012) Extending AToCC: a reply, Projections: The Journal for Movies and the Mind. 6(1)

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